Childhood immunisations are provided free of charge for eligible Australian residents and visitors eligible for reciprocal Medicare benefits. Other patients will need to pay for vaccines. Prices are available at reception.

Flu vaccinations are free of charge to eligible patients over the age of 65 or those with chronic illnesses. Other patients will need to pay for the flu vaccine and prices are available at reception.

COVID19 vaccinations are government funded and free to all patients.


Medicare Bulk Billing is available for all medical patients, including those who access our Locum Service after hours.

Private patients, such as overseas visitors are also billed at the Schedule Fee rate but we require them to settle their account after visiting the doctor.

Completion of patient forms, such as employer medical assessments, insurance forms, Centrelink forms, etc, which do not attract a Medicare benefit are billed privately and patients are required to pay for this service. A sign outlining cost of the more commonly used forms is displayed at Reception.


Fees of Allied Health Practitioners such as dentists, psychologists and others are payable on the day of service.

Those patients with private health insurance will be processed through HICAPS which pays the fund benefit and the patient needs to pay only the outstanding ‘gap’ amount.

Those patients who are eligible for a Care Plan due to chronic illness will be bulk billed under Medicare by Allied Health Practitioners for the allowed number of visits on the Care Plan.

At the moment, Dental Treatment is not available as part of a Care Plan – there are no Medicare benefits for dental services and costs incurred for dental treatment must be paid at time of service. However, Medicare provides limited benefits under the Child Dental Benefit Schedule for children aged less than 17 years. The Medicare Child Dental Benefit Voucher is valued at $1,013 for eligible persons. Please refer to the Adtech Dental Lab / Holistic & Cosmetic Dental website for more information.