Our patients have access to Allied Health professionals on-site by appointment. We have Dentists, Dental Prosthetists and Dental Laboratory, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Naturopaths, Audiologists and are negotiating with others to provide on-site services to our patients.


Dr Edward Vuong provides a comprehensive range of dental services, including restorative, preventative, crown & bridge, endodontic and cosmetic. Our dentist participates in the Medicare Child Dental Benefit Schedule voucher scheme, with no out-of-pocket charges for eligible patients.


Mr Gabriel Guler, our principal prosthetist is an award-winning, advanced dental technician with over 10 years of experience. He produces quality appliances in the on-site laboratory.


Mr Aliriza Kasapgil has many years of experience and is a well-regarded and sought-after counsellor. He provides empathetic and focused treatment to patients who are experiencing emotional and other psychological difficulties.

Ms Ipek Sumertas has experience across a broad spectrum of situations and environments as a psychologist, teacher and youth justice counsellor.  Her extensive experience, empathy and ability to connect with her patients have enabled her to deliver effective treatments with optimal outcomes.

Mrs Serpil Ozturk is a Clinical Psychologist with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and an Honours degree in Behavioural Science. With over 15 years’ experience, her therapy comprises a cognitive-behavioural approach aimed at promoting personal development. Both Mr Kasapgil and Mrs Ozturk accept referrals via Mental Health Care Plans under Medicare.

Our psychologists and counsellor accept referrals via Mental Health Care Plans under Medicare.


Ms Huong Nguyen is a skilled practitioner with many years’ experience and a loyal patient following and has had great success with her treatments. She treats private, TAC and WorkCover patients and accepts referrals via Chronic Disease Management Plans under Medicare.

Ms Amy Kong is also an experienced and skilled practitioner and both physiotherapists work cooperatively to attend to their common patient base.


Mr Anthony Younan is an experienced and dedicated Dietitian.  Patients are assured of a caring and focused approach to their treatment.  Mr Younan accepts referrals via Chronic Disease Management Plans under Medicare and is available by appointment.


Ms Cagla Ekinci is a skilled podiatrist who provides comprehensive foot care for her patients including orthotics and gait alignment and accepts referrals via Chronic Disease Management Plans under Medicare.


Apex Hearing, an accredited Audiology service, provides free hearing tests and aids for eligible Pensioners, Veterans and WorkSafe clients.  Audiologists perform hearing and Tinnitus assessments for all ages, including children from the age of 3. Apex specialises in pre-employment, aviation and industrial hearing tests and supplies the most technologically advanced appliances, including custom-made ear plugs for noise protection, swimming, musicians and Police communication ear pieces.